Uzanta diskuto:Malafaya: Malsamoj inter versioj

Regards, [[Uzanto:Automatik|Automatik]] ([[Uzanta diskuto:Automatik|diskuto]]) 22:17, 3 Jul. 2013 (UTC)
:Saluton, Automatik. Some of those interwikis were wrong, because they were about terms related to grammar, and not parts of speech/categories like here. I removed them in order to fix with my bot. Now that they are fixed, I added the correct ones (i.e., the Portuguese category "Gramática (Ucraniano)" was not correct, but is correct now. And you're right: the French interwiki was already good, so it was kept. Cheers, [[Uzanto:Malafaya|Malafaya]] ([[Uzanta diskuto:Malafaya|diskuto]]) 22:42, 3 Jul. 2013 (UTC)